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Testimonials and Reviews of Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC in Wilmington, DE

We value patient feedback for our patients at Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC. See below for patient reviews and comments from patients regarding Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC. Your feedback would be much appreciated.

I just started at this practice, and I love that Dr. Ngozi listened to me about my previous treatment and considered all that when reviewing meds. She looked at everything I was saying collectively instead of just focusing on one thing and dismissing the others as I have experienced in the past. I am grateful to have found this practice.

Kyra. Harris

I feel so satisfied, and I feel so relieved that I can get the right help that I need. Thank you so much for caring and taking the time for me. I really appreciate this.

Tricia Getty

Dr. Ngozi Chiekwu has been so amazing and helpful to me. I know that this is more than a job for her. She truly cares about people. Dr. Ngozi is kind, passionate, caring, and easy to talk to. She listens to my needs and wants as a client and provides and fulfills the necessary treatment goals. I am very grateful. Lady Ngozi is the best psych NP or psychiatrist I have ever been to. She immediately made the needed changes to my medication. I couldn’t work before I started seeing (more than 2 years without work) and now I have a job!

Kaithlin Ford

I wanted to wait until I had an appt with everyone in the office before leaving a review. There’s an intake specialist (Jessica), a counselor (Julie), and then the Dr (Dr. Ngozi). They ALL were wonderful. I enjoy how they all work together to come up with a treatment plan for you. They move effectively in helping diagnose. The doctor even uses a cognitive assessment test to gauge why you may have certain behaviors. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a practice that treats the whole person!

Buff Martin

I have been working with Dr. Chiekwu for several months to get my mental health stable. We are trying to get the right medication for me. She is very thorough, and I feel confident that I will be back to normal soon. I appreciate the time she is spending with me.

Dale Sarapulski

Dr. Ngozi is amazing; she listens to my concerns and makes sure she asks how I’m doing. Many doctors just give you medicine, but with her, she makes it personal because she really cares. I couldn’t imagine seeing someone else. Thanks for everything!

DiNesha Stephens

I’m with Ngozi for the past 2 years; she is very consistent with my treatment and everything regarding my meds and well-being. I would recommend her to my colleagues and friends.

Maryann Dwyer

Dr. Ngozi is the best. Her willingness to accommodate you is outstanding. Her mannerism makes you feel very comfortable. She listens and is very caring. My first experience was a great one, and I am very excited to be getting good care. I also must mention my therapist Julie Murphy. I have never felt so comforted by a therapist before. She listens, gives you direction and suggestions, which you need when dealing with anxiety. You can tell that she wants to help you and that she is there for you. Thank. I have finally been blessed with a great team. Thank you both.

Shelly Hornberger

Dr. Ngozi is amazing. She takes the time to really listen to you, and she is so kind and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Integrated health to anyone.

Diana Buchanan

Dr. Cheikwu is the best Dr. I have had for the past year, or so she listens and regulates the medicine directly for me especially. She cares and takes time in her sessions. She may not always give you everything you want, but she makes sure to keep your psych in mind and how to help you control whatever issue you have. She’s great. I love her, and I recommend her. She’s easy to get an appointment with and takes most insurance—a very laid-back, sweet yet busy lady. Be happy and lucky if you get her. ☺☺☺☺😀😝 shes helped me 😚through a lot.

Summer Edwards

Dr. Ngozi has changed the meaning of my life. Seeking mental health is an isolating process, but my treatment with Dr. Ngozi became a completely different journey where I could make friends along the way while sharing my mental illness issues and care needs. Previously I have been to a bunch of therapists and psychiatrists but never had this amazing experience. Dr. Ngozi and her staff are very respectful and always responsive. I’m so happy I found this practice.

Sam H.

“I didn’t think I would ever feel happy again, but it happened. After spending years under constant trauma, anxiety, and depression, my life was dull and suicidal. I had complicated grief, sleep, and eating problems and lost the purpose of life. Now I have to say, since I’ve been getting my treatment and routine counseling at IHAWS, I have learned how to take care of myself, physically and mentally. I am finally happy and independent of my suicidal thoughts. IHAWS changed my life.”

Josh D.

My sister and I went to this amazing practice, and we were impressed with everything. The staff is polite, informative, and the mental health professional doctors are amazing. My therapist was Julie, and I am glad I found her. She showed utmost attention to my situation and provided me with all the meds, and has undoubtedly made a huge difference in my life.

Kelli Shawn

Therapist Julie is a genuinely nice and fabulous woman – a great listener, and she’s good with helping patients identify their problems and help them find solutions to resolve their issues. I would highly recommend her as a mental health care provider who can solve all your problems in one go. I had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for substance abuse, and she was there throughout to understand my reasons for addiction and the journey to depression and anxiety. I’m happy that I got my treatment from this practice which is undoubtedly the best.

Michael K

Dr. Ngozi is very professional and amazingly easy to talk to. She explains everything and makes you feel comfortable. When you’re in a time of need for the right care and mental health awareness and knowledge, I recommend you consult with her. She takes everything seriously and provides you the right path to recovery.

Patricia Collin

Excellent service as Chiekwu Ngozi provides patient-centered care for all populations served. She allows everyone to be heard and provides education as it pertains to diagnosis and medication. As a clinician, the empirical evidence and self-reports of those served have shown increased executive functioning in their lives, whether it was home school, traditional schooling, or any other phase in one’s adulthood. She is a life-sent provider who not only prescribes but listens, and that if other missed in psychiatric nursing! She is responsive and will follow back if needed.

Amber Hill LCSW

IHAWS is a high level of service. Dr. Ngozi is very professional, and she’s on the cutting edge of mental health treatment which can be seen through the fact that she provides DNA Testing (MAT) and Suboxone treatment. As a competent and caring professional who advocates for all patients and treats them with complete care, Dr. Ngozi is an actual psychiatrist and professional therapist. What an example of a great care provider; I am thankful for your honesty in my treatment and sessions.

Nicole Bas

Whenever I’ve had my appointments with Integrated Health and Wellness practice, the therapist and Dr herself are very approachable and accommodating. The staff overall is friendly, and their solutions seem wise and well-intentioned. My experience has been helpful, and I could quit my addiction and go away from substance use. The practice couldn’t be more helpful. All around, it has been a great experience. Highly recommended to my friends and family!

James Batten

When I heard IHAWS provide cognitive assessment services, I had to go there for myself because I lived in a denial and trauma phase for an exceedingly long time. I needed to take an assessment to get the individual report of my growth and development. I’m glad I found Dr. Ngozi, who guided me throughout and helped me get the best service in her practice. Communication with her seems so easy. She completed the assessments with her while it felt like a conversation. I have certainly gotten more clarity and reassurance in my life. Thanks, mam. I am grateful.

Kasim J.

Dr. Chiekwu is an excellent nurse practitioner. When I first met her, she worked thoroughly to assess my symptoms and collaboratively identify and understand the more subtle symptoms affecting me. I have successfully minimized the impact of ADHD on my life, and I give full credit to Dr. C for helping me get a better quality of life. Your service has proven invaluable. I am incredibly happy with my progress at IHAWS.

Jennifer Ray

I honestly don’t know where I would be if not here today. I’m stable and better positioned to uplift my career matters only because of Julie, the therapist. She is easy to get an appointment with, but she’s the most helpful one out there. I don’t hesitate to recommend her if you care about your life stressing you out and need solutions and someone to listen to understand.

Howard Gray

I think sometimes my problems are minor than what I expect others to be suffering from. Yet not even for a second, Dr. Ngozi or Julie makes me feel that I am wasting their time. In their service, I feel supported and cared for. They are very patient and listen to your problems. If you are also seeking help with emotional or psychiatric issues, please visit these ladies. You will come back happier and more satisfied with life.

Arlene Johnson