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Frequently Asked Questions at Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC in Wilmington, DE

Read over the frequently asked questions below, and if you still have questions, contact us. We provide outstanding services for mental illness, wellness programs and addiction treatment for children, adults, families, and individuals. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’ll take excellent care of you. We are located at 1508 Pennsylvania Ave Wilmington, DE 19806.

Frequently Asked Questions at Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC in Wilmington, DE
Frequently Asked Questions at Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC in Wilmington, DE

1. How do I get started?

The process is simple, and we are here to guide every single step. To receive or inquire more about our services, please give us a call, visit us, or contact us through the web. Our support staff is readily available Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your appointment.

2. What treatments do you provide regarding substance abuse?

At IHAWS, we provide substance abuse counseling, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorder. Please contact us if you have further questions or want to discuss your situation.

3. What causes mental illness, what are the most common types, and how can I avoid it?

Typically, there isn’t one specific reason that causes mental illness. It’s a combination of various factors, including inherited genes, emotional problems, significant life changes, or even exposure to environmental stressors before birth. The most common types are depression and anxiety disorders. There is no absolute way to prevent mental illness but seeking treatments can help you recover or manage your condition. We can be part of your healing.

4. How to know if I have anxiety?

Anxiety may have a variety of symptoms. The most common and significant is excessive worrying that can disrupt your daily functioning in life. Other symptoms may include fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, feeling on edge, fidgeting, trouble sleeping, and agitation. Whereas these symptoms may point to anxiety, there can be other underlying causes for your mental health condition for which you should consider counseling.

5. How do I talk to someone about my mental health issues?

We understand that it’s not easy to converse about the subject of mental illness when you’re struggling from its adverse effects. Maybe the person you’re talking to might not understand your disorder’s symptoms or recognize what’s wrong. This makes it even more challenging to get support or treatment. However, in some cases, there’s hope that the person will see reason and experience clarity to help you best manage the problem you’re facing. Whatever your case may be, at IHAWS, we are here for you.