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Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive Assessments in Wilmington, DE

Common questions asked by patients: What are cognitive assessments? What are the common cognitive assessment tools? Why do I need a cognitive assessment? Who is suitable for the cognitive assessment?

Visit Integrated Health & Wellness Services, LLC if you are looking for a cognitive assessment. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Wilmington DE, Ashley, Wilmington, Pennyhill, Newport, Stanton, Greenville, Landlith, Minquadale, Montchanin, Elsmere, and surrounding areas.

Cognitive Assessments Near Me in Wilmington, DE
Cognitive Assessments Near Me in Wilmington, DE

Our professionals can provide flexible and easy-to-use assessments to determine the core areas of your cognitive functioning to guide diagnosis, direct and monitor treatment progress.