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Counseling Sessions in Wilmington, DE

Counseling is a communication therapy in which the patient and the counselor work together to determine how to manage emotional problems. Professional counselors work to increase self-esteem, promote behavior change, and maintain optimal mental health. They also assist a patient in identifying goals and potential solutions to issues that cause emotional distress. At Integrated Health and Wellness Services Dr. Ngozi Chiekwu MD PMNHP-BC along with her team provide professional and empathetic counseling that allows you to address your challenges in a safe and comfortable space. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1508 Pennsylvania Ave Wilmington, DE 19806.

Counseling Sessions Near Me in Wilmington DE
Counseling Sessions Near Me in Wilmington DE

Table of Contents:

Counseling the aim of counseling?
Who needs Counseling?
What are the stages of counseling?
How does counseling help anxiety?

Counseling is a sort of professional partnership where a mental health professional helps their patient explore areas of their life that they would like to improve. This can be everything from certain negative emotions to detrimental actions, to addiction, to addressing past trauma. By helping a patient to understand what’s motivating their thoughts or behaviors, counselors can help guide them toward healthy coping strategies and solutions.

Counseling the aim of counseling?

Counselling is a form of talk therapy that allows people to discuss and explore their issues with a licensed mental health specialist in a safe and professional environment. By working together, the patient gains a deeper understanding of their problems and develops healthier coping mechanisms to deal with, or overcome, them. 

Who needs Counseling?

Every person goes through difficult times and transitions in their life where additional professional support could be valuable. If there is an issue that is causing a disturbance in your life, or that is affecting your ability to create and maintain relationships, counseling may be for you. Counseling is for people that:

– Are experiencing emotional turmoil.
– Are experiencing relationship or family issues. 
– Are moving through a big life change.
– Experience stress, depression, or anxiety.
– Have concerns regarding their sexuality.
– Have parenting concerns.
– Have problems surrounding drugs and alcohol.
– Need to process their grief in a safe environment.
– Want a better sex life.
– Want a greater understanding of themselves.
– Want greater self-awareness.
– Want more from their intimate relationship(s).
– Want more joy out of their lives.
– Want more solid relationships.
– Want to better their communication skills.
– Want to experience more peace of mind.

What are the stages of counseling?

There are five crucial steps to the counselling process. They are:

Stage one: Relationship Building
– This stage focuses on engagement between the councilor and the patient and establishing a trusted and professional rapport. The patient will often discuss the issues that are directly affecting them while the counselor focuses on using good listening skills and building a constructive relationship.

Stage two: Problem Assessment
– In this stage, the counselor carefully listens and draws out information regarding the patient’s unique personal situation and the reason they have decided to engage in counseling. This is crucial for later down the line when it comes time to help the patient identify triggers and other contributing factors.

Stage three: Goal Setting
– For counseling to be successful, realistic and appropriate goals must be set based on the knowledge collected in the previous stages. It’s important for the goals to be developed and set in collaboration with the patient to secure the best outcome.

Stage four: Counseling Intervention
– In this stage, the counselor utilizes the psychiatric theories they are familiar to help support the client and the situation they’re facing.

Stage five: Evaluation, Termination, or Referral
– In this stage, counseling reaches its end in a positive and supportive way. The goal here it to avoid anger, sadness, or anxiety while also providing the patient with a trajectory for further care, such as referral if it’s required.

How does counseling help anxiety?

Counselling is an effective option for many who are suffering from anxiety problems. It helps patients to treat more than just the symptoms of the problem, instead focusing on addressing the underlying causes of their worries in a safe environment.

Counselling helps to teach you healthy coping strategies, such as how to relax in stressful environments and how to look at situations in less frightening and overwhelming ways. In this way, talk therapy gives you the tools to help overcome anxiety while also teaching you how to use them successfully.

If you’re looking for safe, professional, and empathetic counseling, look no further than Integrated Health and Wellness Services. Our team of licensed and certified mental health professionals will give you the support you need to address your challenges and improve your overall quality of life. Connect with us today for more information about our counseling services or book an appointment online.

At Integrated Health and Wellness Services, individuals can receive counseling from Dr. Ngozi Chiekwu, MD, PMNHP-BC, in order to get relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1508 Pennsylvania Ave Wilmington, DE 19806. We serve patients from Wilmington DE, Pennyhill DE, Newport DE, Stanton DE, Elsmere DE, Ashley DE, Minquadale DE, Montchanin DE, and surrounding areas.

Our trained and licensed professionals can help improve your overall quality of life.